Outfit of the day 42

Good morning everyone, today one of my poems is going to get demolished in creative writing today. Highkey am not ready for it, but on the bright side I have chocolate to make me feel better. Today’s outfit is comfy and chill, a U of M athletic sweater I got from plato’s closet, walmart jeggings with the red doc’s. Styling no makeup once again because it’s too much effort to put into today. I hope the rest of your day is great and I will see you guys tomorrow!


Outfit of the day 41

Good morning everyone, today is going to be an emotional day. I haven’t been feeling to well in the head with stress and things like that so I am going to our wellness center they have on campus. I will probably touch on the subject later but not right now, yesterday was a good day though. So keeping to the brightside the outfit is simple. Black comfy sweater from express paired with my flower jeans also from express. To finish it off my black nikes and sporting no makeup because of improv today, keep a lookout for my photography blog. I moved it all to another blog because I didnt like the format and I had little creative freedom. Link should be somewhere on the main page. With all of this said, I hope the rest of your day is great and I will see you guys tomorrow!

Outfit of the day 40

Good morning guys, today is a chill day full of reading, photos and visiting old friends. I am wearing this tan sweater that I am pretty self conscious of wearing because I think it blends with my skin tone but whatever. Black high waisted jeans from express, paired with the go to red doc martens. I am still feeling under the weather but i went on a target run yesterday and got some hot coco to help sort out my life. So photoshoots will be posted to my other blog, yes I have another blog. It will keep all of my photos that aren’t strictly fashion, link should be at the top of my page. I hope the rest of your day is great and I will see you guys tomorrow!

Outfit of the day 39

Good morning everyone, sorry for last week’s format, I wanted to see how that would go. I liked it but I didn’t really see any significance, maybe later in life or something. Anyways I went shopping last weekend and I am also under the weather, not really I mean I still have to go to class. My throat has been hurting these past few days so that’s not good. It’s good I have a few things prerecorded to have a youtube video up by next week wednesday. Today’s outfit is new but comfy, red corduroy pants, my gray quidditch shirt, black velvet converse and minimal makeup. Let’s hope I don’t have to speak that much today in improv! I hope the rest of your day is great and I will see you guys tomorrow!

Being outside of my comfort zone

So one of the classes I am taking this semester is improv for non majors, man does that class get me out of my comfort zone every morning. We start with getting our blood pressure up, like warming up before practice or a game. Walking around, stretching, sitting up straight, it feels weird to me. We also do these exercises where we get up in front of the whole class and walk or something. Though after that class I’ll realize two things, the first thing is my tea is now at a good temperature to drink. The second thing is I’m much more confident or more than I usually am. I think this class is good for me and so far I’m glad I’m in it. I can already see that I’m improving slightly from it, this past Tuesday I spoke at this spoken word event. I would’ve never done it if it were say two years ago. Confidence is hard to get at but I think through this blog, my class, and my photography page, I’m getting there.

OOTD’s 22/1/18 – 26/1/18


Kept it simple with my black express sweater and jeans, I wore my black nikes instead of my comfy fuzzy slippers.


it was simple, ramen sweater, black jeans and flower doc martens. I did wear makeup that day I tried out fenty beauty’s stunna lipstick. There was also an open mic my school put on, I had to go for creative writing, it was pretty relaxed. I did shock myself because I actually spoke a poem I wrote earlier that morning, so that was eventful.


Keeping it simple again with my Lowkey shirt from pacsun, blue jeggings and black nikes.


It was laundry day so I wore this t-shirt dress that I got from pacsun, I just paired it with my black velvet converse. I also did my makeup but that was later in the day because I was filming my poems.


Today I wore this comfy sweater from H & M that said Daydreamer, black leggings and my  black Nikes. With all of this said I hope your week went well and I will see you guys next week!

Book review, The Woman in the Photograph by: Dana Gynther

During winter break I read The Woman in the Photograph by Dana Gynther  and it was surprisingly really good. I haven’t read historical fiction in a while this was not what I would expect. I found this in the bargain section of barnes and noble a while ago, it was like seven or eight dollars.

It follows the story of our main female Lee Miller and her journey to become a famous photographer/model/ actress. She goes to Paris in the 1920’s, the prime of swing, jazz music and surrealist. While over there she’s very eager to meet the well known photographer Man Ray. They soon become a couple and dive into the artsy class of that time, going out to dinner every night, meeting a lot of people. It seemed like a good time, Lee got a job working for the vogue there in Paris. Her time was torn between her job and Man Ray, it’s basically like those friends who are in toxic relationships but you don’t want to say anything. This goes on for most of the book, Lee would get into an affair then Man Ray would find out, he would get all mad. Then they would make up and be fine for a little bit, it would go back and forth. It wasn’t until about three fourths of the way, she finally leaves him. From there everything else goes downhill but at the end we know that everyone is okay, they just changed.

Let’s start off with the one who I hated the most, Man Ray. This dude, I had to close the book so many times just to breathe through what he said about women or just anything in general. I got it though, in that time period men were literally like that all the damn time, it made sense. Even today we can still see this mindset which is  really scary. Anytime he would use the pity card against Lee just to make her stay I got so mad because he knew it would work. The way they were together at the beginning but from the title I knew they wouldn’t stay together for long. Long though was the whole book but let’s be real I was hooked on it.

Now onto Lee Miller who was my queen the entire time, even though I knew nothing about her. Throughout the whole book we as readers learned a lot about her and why she thought the way she did. I loved how she wanted to be the best but also how she put other women up with her. She went outside of her comfort zone, she loved photography, and she loved herself. Lee had this 21st century vibe that I enjoyed reading, I related to her more than I liked to.

The book overall I give an eight out of ten, just because I thought she would leave Man Ray sooner. Some parts were boring but what are you going to do, it was when Lee was getting her life together, so it was alright. The imagery was phenomenal, one of the reasons why I love historical fiction. Lee was badass, she was smart, beautiful, and wise. This book was really good and I would recommend it to anyone, this book was a good trip.

Outfit of the day 33

Good morning everyone, today I am busy, I have to go renew my drivers license and get a passport. Stunning Saturday is tomorrow so don’t forget to show the page some love! I got this blue flower pattern dress from forever 21, it was like 12 dollars I think. Paired with black tights and my docmartins. Hopefully the lines aren’t too long for these things today. I hope the rest of your day is great and I will see you guys soon.

Outfit of the day 32

Good morning everyone! So I didn’t go my laundry yesterday because my dorm shut off the water for the afternoon. I didn’t want to make a fool of myself on the ground floor so I hid in my room and watched Riverdale. Today I have lunch with my parents and I am out of pants so I’m wearing a skirt. Black skirt, Quidditch shirt, black tights and velvet converse. Kept the make up to a mininum since I am going to eat Jimmy Johns for lunch. I hope the rest of your day is great and I will see you guys soon.

Outfit of the day 31

Good morning everyone, today is laundry day! The outfit is simple, express jeans with black tights in the knee holes, a white shirt that says beautiful with a cute yellow flower. To tie it all together with my black velvet converse. So after some time I have been thinking of other ways to keep me busy, I am going to start my Youtube channel. It will start on February seventh. I want to put my spoken words on there because I’ve written so much and I want to share them. With all of that said I hope the rest your day is great and I will see you guys soon.