OOTD’s 22/1/18 – 26/1/18


Kept it simple with my black express sweater and jeans, I wore my black nikes instead of my comfy fuzzy slippers.


it was simple, ramen sweater, black jeans and flower doc martens. I did wear makeup that day I tried out fenty beauty’s stunna lipstick. There was also an open mic my school put on, I had to go for creative writing, it was pretty relaxed. I did shock myself because I actually spoke a poem I wrote earlier that morning, so that was eventful.


Keeping it simple again with my Lowkey shirt from pacsun, blue jeggings and black nikes.


It was laundry day so I wore this t-shirt dress that I got from pacsun, I just paired it with my black velvet converse. I also did my makeup but that was later in the day because I was filming my poems.


Today I wore this comfy sweater from H & M that said Daydreamer, black leggings and my  black Nikes. With all of this said I hope your week went well and I will see you guys next week!


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